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Support new university presses via the Open Access Community Framework

The Open Access Community Framework (OACF) was launched in 2022 as a new approach to supporting publishers or initiatives operating under the Diamond OA model (open access publishing with no subscription or author facing fee).

Following the success of the pilot scheme, applications for phase two were restricted to monographs and books in series in order to align with the strategic objectives of sector libraries and the upcoming UKRI open access policy for longform publications.

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The three successful initiatives were introduced earlier this summer, and we invite you to join the libraries who have already pledged their support. Your funding will support the publication of OA monographs from the following UK non-profit new university presses.

University of London Press

University of London Press are re/launching two book series which focus on the urgent need to support humanities approaches in addressing contemporary challenges around human rights and social justice.

  1. Reimagining Law and Justice (an exciting new open access book series which launched in January 2023, published in association with the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies)
  2. Human Rights Consortium (an ongoing open access series published in association with the Institute of Commonwealth Studies which is being relaunched in 2023/24).

Your support will help to fund three OA titles per year for the next three years, 9 in total, which will appear in these two book series.

University of Westminster Press

University of Westminster Press are seeking funding for their Cultural China series to extend the series to three publications a year, broadening to commission books externally, from the UK and internationally, and make the series a “home” for the study of culture in China and the Chinese diaspora. The series fills a gap by focusing on cultural studies in the Chinese context, in a field dominated by social science research, and will help ensure a diversity of perspectives in research on China by forefronting the humanities.

Your support will allow the publication of 9 OA titles in this series over the next three years.

White Rose University Press

White Rose University Press has always been committed to offering Diamond open access monograph publishing to authors at White Rose institutions via waiver funds. Via the OACF, they are seeking support to fund a pilot External Author Support programme, allowing the publication of one monograph each year without costs to the author.

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Pledge your support

Supporting these OACF initiatives requires a three-year commitment to help the presses plan their short to mid-term publications activity. Annual fees range from £1,100 to support White Rose University Press, to just over £2,000 for the University of Westminster Press or University of London Press initiatives. Full details of all agreements are available on Licence Subscriptions Manager by searching the catalogue using ‘OACF 2023’ or by following the individual links above.

Further information

To find out more about the OACF and our work supporting community-based open research initiatives, please get in touch by emailing

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