Managing researcher identity and name changes using ORCID

UK ORCID Jisc consortium event report by Monica Duke In the UK, Jisc leads a consortium of ORCID implementors in higher education, consisting of nearly 100 Universities, research organisations and a major funder. ORCID is an identifier for contributors to research and is intended to help with continuity of identity for researchers across time, disciplines […]

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Empower your institution with the Open Access Switchboard

The Open Access Switchboard is an independent exchange hub connecting funders, institutions and publishers. A global not-for-profit initiative aiming to help the research community transition to full open access and become the primary research publication model. As a neutral and independent intermediary, it will support information exchange as well as help reduce barriers to the […]

Access the world’s research outputs through the CORE API

On Thursday 13th January 2022, Petr Knoth, Head of CORE and Matteo Cancellieri, Lead Developer, gave a webinar describing the new CORE APIv3 features. There were  72  attendees. In the first part, we introduced new features in the API, and the second part provided live coding examples followed by answering questions from the audience.  The […]