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Partnership Announcement: ADRI and CORE

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership between CORE and Arabic Digital Reform Institute (ADRI), providing services to researchers to store, share and access Arabic academia online.  The partnership will provide ADRI with unlimited access to millions of open access articles to provide research platform and repository services to academics all over the world.  ADRI […]

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CORE updates for January to June 2021

CORE updates Much of the CORE Team’s focus involves developing services that underpin open research. The updates for this half-year include numerous examples of this in action. You can find details about these and more news below. New functionality API v3 beta release During the years of the APIv2, we have helped thousands of users […]

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CORE – Evaluating Automated Methods for Citation Classification

Second SDP 3C Shared Task – Evaluating Automated Methods for Citation Classification   The need for administering automated methods for evaluating research is gaining more attention lately. The primary motivation for this is to replace the regular, more exhausting exercises like peer-reviewing and the not so sophisticated, less accepted ways of ranking research works like […]