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Subject analysis of routes to compliance for UKRI funded authors

As part of our work to support the implementation of the new UKRI Open Access policy, we have rapidly scaled up our negotiations and are now working with over 300 publishers (and have confirmed compliance of 100 more) across a broad range of subject areas using a range of open access publishing routes. The aim […]

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Balancing the books (part 1)

What is a BPC? The book processing charge (BPC) is a payment made to a publisher to cover the costs of publishing a book open access (OA), and includes the editing, production and dissemination of the book as well as arranging peer review, marketing and online hosting.[1] Although the BPC model is currently predominant, especially […]

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Working together: how Jisc’s approach to stakeholder engagement is supporting the new UKRI open access policy for monographs, book chapters, and edited collections

The UKRI Open Access Policy includes a new requirement that from 1 January 2024, the final version of record or author’s accepted manuscript (AAM) of monographs, book chapters and edited collections must be made open access (OA) within 12 months of publication via a publisher’s website, platform or repository, with a Creative Commons licence.  As […]