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Digital Preservation to the Core

At Jisc we recently set-up a digital preservation dynamic purchasing system (A DP DPS). Part of the process involved the creation of a “a core set of requirements…” to evaluate digital preservation systems against. In the process we came up against a number of profound questions (including “what is a digital preservation system”… …but that’s […]

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Taylor & Francis launches pilot full-text feed to Publications Router

Taylor & Francis, one of the world’s largest publishers of scholarly journals, is now piloting providing full-text journal articles to Jisc’s Publications Router service, for onward distribution to UK institutional repositories. Initial pilot This initial Taylor & Francis pilot consists of published version of record articles from its over 360 fully open access journals. The […]

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From fullstack to jamstack: building a modern portfolio of open research products

Software systems should never stand still. They should constantly be evolving, striving to provide a better, more modern experience for their users. The developers and product managers who support and maintain them should always be asking the questions: “Is our system becoming outdated? Is it serving our customers’ needs? Can we do this better?” For […]