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The Royal Society of Chemistry joins Jisc’s Publications Router service

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), a global publisher in chemical sciences and related fields, is now supplying full-text journal articles to Jisc’s Publications Router, which automatically delivers them into the open repositories of the UK institutions to which the authors are affiliated.

Rapid delivery, open licence

RSC is depositing the articles daily upon first publication of the version of record, at their “advance article” stage. This means they will reach repositories nearly always within a month of acceptance for publication, and often within just a few days.

The feed covers open access articles from across the whole of RSC’s journals, whether wholly open access or hybrid. They are made available without embargo under an open Creative Commons licence, which is always detailed in the accompanying rich, authoritative metadata.

Building on transformative agreement

RSC’s contribution to the Router service builds on the transitional open access agreement negotiated for UK institutions through Jisc Collections – articles made open access under this agreement are included in the feed to Router.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about Publications Router, do please get in touch with us via our central helpdesk at, mentioning Publications Router in your message.

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