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The Company of Biologists supplies articles to Publications Router

The Company of Biologists, a leading not-for-profit publisher, is now providing full-text articles for distribution to UK institutional repositories using Jisc’s Publications Router service.

Openly licensed articles

The articles are those published under open access terms in any of The Company of Biologists’ journals. This includes those that have been made open access under the transformative agreement negotiated with UK institutions via Jisc Collections, so that most UK-authored articles are included.

They are all distributed under a Creative Commons attribution (CC BY) licence.

Fast delivery to repositories

The articles are provided daily, upon first publication of the version of record. This is nearly always within seven weeks of acceptance.

Publications Router matches the articles to the authors’ institutions and delivers them into their repositories automatically, together with rich, authoritative metadata.

Further information

The Router service is available to Jisc member HEIs that have compatible systems – and there’s no additional charge.

If you’d like more information, do get in touch via, mentioning Publications Router in your subject line. We’ll then take you through how you can start receiving articles, to help you decide whether Router is right for you.

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