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Empower your institution with the Open Access Switchboard

The Open Access Switchboard is an independent exchange hub connecting funders, institutions and publishers. A global not-for-profit initiative aiming to help the research community transition to full open access and become the primary research publication model. As a neutral and independent intermediary, it will support information exchange as well as help reduce barriers to the open access market and streamline communication. 

Open access is more important now than ever, enabling a shared and transparent infrastructure builds a thriving community of like-minded people. The service allows you to communicate directly with publishers and assist with reporting information all in one space, reducing the pressure on institutions. Built with the Principles of Scholarly Infrastructure in mind to ensure a safe and sustainable future for open research. 

What are the key benefits of using the switchboard? 

Managing the complex network of agreements between publishers and institutions can be challenging with various policies, processes, and systems in place. The switchboard condenses that in one place, meaning open access publication and reporting processes are massively simplified.  

There have been inconsistencies in how open access is monitored and regulated, leading to inconsistent terminology, lack of communication and excessive costs. As a result, the landscape is confusing and becoming an administrative burden on institutions, a responsibility the Open Access Switchboard can handle. 

What is Jisc’s involvement? 

We are working with the Open Access Switchboard to explore how UK institutions can best benefit from this service’s shared data and infrastructure. Jisc licensing and its new open-access publication, monitoring and reporting product will utilise the Switchboard to obtain accurate and timely data. In addition, the Switchboard has established dataflows of article-level metadata with publishers, offering a step forward in reporting.  

Jisc is also exploring ways to integrate the valuable data passing through the Switchboard within our products through this relationship. For example, this has led to developing a new product for managing open access publications and compliance workflows, aiming to use this data to create an efficient work environment. 

By increasing the participation of publishers and institutions, the full benefits of this collaboration will become apparent in future negotiations in the UK’s open research landscape. Extending the use of this global service to our nation benefits the higher education and research sectors. 

How can I get involved? 

Jisc has established an agreement with the Switchboard, so it’s available for higher education institutions to access for free via their Jisc membership until the end of 2023. Sign up for the Open Access Switchboard to get started. 

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