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On Thursday 13th January 2022, Petr Knoth, Head of CORE and Matteo Cancellieri, Lead Developer, gave a webinar describing the new CORE APIv3 features. There were  72  attendees. In the first part, we introduced new features in the API, and the second part provided live coding examples followed by answering questions from the audience. 

The CORE APIv3 has already been released into production, and we encourage existing and new users of CORE to move to it. At a glance, the new APIv3 offers:

  • An extended model of the CORE resources to link different versions of a paper. ​
  • Support for medium-size datasets collection.​
  • Improved analytical tools​.
  • User management made easier​.
  • Better documentation.
  • A gallery to kick start your journey with the API.

Moving forward

You can register for an API Key here and start browsing the documentation.

Additionally, we started the sunset period for version 2 of the API, and we are planning to take it offline by Q2 2022. If you are an APIv2 user, migrating your tools to the new version should be easy. For any questions or help with the migration, you can contact us

You can find the recording of the webinar on YouTube 

You can also find the slides presented at the webinar on SlideShare  

And you can find the code to run the live demo “Did research stop during COVID?” on Github

We are interested in how you’re getting on. Let us know any feedback!

The CORE Team

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