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Full-text articles from Oxford University Press go live on Publications Router

Oxford University Press (OUP) is now providing full-text articles to Jisc’s Publications Router service for onward distribution to UK institutional repositories.

Articles from OA journals

OUP is depositing articles from across its range of over 100 wholly open-access journals. Initially, they will supply the published version of record at the time of publication of the journal issue. They are all published under an open licence, details of which are included within the accompanying rich, authoritative metadata.

Ready for immediate exposure on repositories

Once the articles have been received from OUP, Publications Router analyses the authors’ affiliations to match them to participating institutions, and delivers them into their repositories or research information management systems. As these articles are all openly licensed, institutions can expose them immediately without any embargo period.

Further improvements to follow

After the launch of this initial feed, OUP will work with Jisc to review options for depositing at an earlier stage in their processes, and work towards adding OA articles from their hybrid journals to the feed to Router.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about Publications Router, do please get in touch with us via our central helpdesk at, mentioning Publications Router in your message.

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