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Open Access Helper gets CORE API v3 boost

We are always excited to announce new releases of tools that support Open Access and use the CORE services

This time there is a release from our friends at the Open Access Helper. This is a tool that helps everyone discover a legal Open Access version of research outputs around the web. 

What is new with this version is the application’s ability to bring to researchers proactive notifications on their iPad and iPhone whenever they are browsing articles behind a paywall. 

We are really excited about this release because it is integrating our brand new CORE API (v3)

Claus Wolf, the creator of the Open Access Helper says:“The new API, while still in beta, has very good documentation, which made the implementation a breeze. It was obviously developed with ease of use in mind, while not compromising on features. When I had questions, the team was quick and detailed in their response, helping me implement CORE search, CORE Recommender and CORE Discovery in my iPhone & iPad App.”

Dr Petr Knoth, CORE founder says: “I am excited about this new release. Even though the Open Access Helper is different to CORE Discovery, since the Helper focuses on iOS tablets and mobile phones and it is always inspiring to see other tools utilising the CORE services.”  

You can download the new version of the Open Access Helper from the Apple store

To register with the CORE API v3 and browse the documentation go to our website

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