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Partnership Announcement: ADRI and CORE

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership between CORE and Arabic Digital Reform Institute (ADRI), providing services to researchers to store, share and access Arabic academia online. 


The partnership will provide ADRI with unlimited access to millions of open access articles to provide research platform and repository services to academics all over the world. 

ADRI is a social enterprise from New Zealand and Bahrain that aspires to revolutionise the current practices in creating knowledge in Arabic. In doing so, ADRI aims to address the social issue of limited availability of Arabic scientific content online. Arabic academia is currently dispersed across many locations, ADRI aims to share knowledge and consolidate Arabic academia into one online platform allowing academia to grow. 

Using CORE’s API, ADRI will search the largest database of open access content — 210 million metadata records and counting — to bring and translate Arabic content to their users. In gathering this open access data from CORE, ADRI will be accessing the most up-to-date research content to help share and translate knowledge, and grow Arabic academia which is key for global development.

It’s the invaluable endeavours and successes of CORE and the likes, that encouraged ADRI to localise modern knowledge for the Arabic communities. Previously, scaled translation of research has never been feasible due to the high cost of research licensing. This is now possible thanks to the likes of CORE. Our partnership with CORE will open new horizons for the MENA region in respect to science, innovation and sustainable developments and with tangible outcomes.

Ali Mazraeh, Director of ADRI

CORE and ADRI’s naturally aligned missions for social good and facilitating further the use of Open Access academic research to create inclusive academic networks mean this is a natural partnership for CORE. We are thrilled to commence this new partnership and to provide high-quality reliable data for the Arabic academic community. At CORE, we  believe that facilitating machine access to scholarly literature from data providers globally will enable organisations such as ADRI to complete their work more effectively.

Dr. Petr Knoth, CORE Founder. 


About ADRI

The ADRI digital platform will be available on a subscription basis from January 2022. ADRI is aiming to facilitate effective mechanisms of publishing, translating and accessing Arabic content worldwide. ADRI’s foremost project is a digital academic platform for providing access to academic literature, with full research capabilities for the Arabic language. The ADRI platform will allow global academics, researchers, business personnel and media institutions to access Arabic content at the touch of a button and share it with a few clicks.

About CORE

CORE provides free and seamless access to millions of research articles aggregated from thousands of open access data providers, such as repositories and journals. CORE’s mission is to aggregate and enrich open access research papers from around the world. CORE is supported by The Open University and Jisc.

The CORE team

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