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CORE and PubMed collaborate for further full text dissemination

CORE provides access to freely available full text papers which were previously  unavailable in PubMed to enhance the experience of PubMed users. This is delivered via the LinkOut service. 

PubMed is maintained by the US National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health. It constitutes the largest citations database in health sciences and is one of the most widely used scholarly infrastructure services with millions of monthly active users.

We are happy to announce that hundreds of thousands of relevant articles hosted in CORE are now linked from PubMed, taking  more  available content directly to the researchers.    

Currently, many PubMed records offer metadata information and the full text may not be available. This development now enables PubMed users to access full text links to articles hosted in CORE via its LinkOut service, providing researchers with a direct route to the research. The linking of CORE papers directly from PubMed resources and other related databases further increases the discoverability of content aggregated by CORE, providing a valuable service to our repositories.  

PubMed Image
PubMed Image

In practice, we have implemented new processes to regularly match articles in CORE to PubMed to identify freely accessible full texts previously unavailable in PubMed. The main technical challenge has been to design the right algorithm to efficiently and accurately match the two datasets. 

We are delighted to integrate CORE  with another key infrastructure service for researchers and look forward to  offering additional services to PubMed users and the biomedical community.

The CORE Team

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2 replies on “CORE and PubMed collaborate for further full text dissemination”

Is the LinkOut service to CORE from PubMed something we have to request to have switched on? Or is it automatically available now in PubMed?

Excellent stuff!
White Rose has been hooked in to PubMed LinkOut for a couple of years now e.g.
We pull PubMed and EPMC IDs from Pure and Symplectic – so don’t have to to extensive matching of records. If making these identifiers (I’m not sure whether they are technically PIDs – or just IDs) available to CORE via an OAI-PMH metadata profile would be useful, that could be done. I believe other repositories also store these IDs.

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